On the recommendation of health officials, we have a brief, 6 question health survey to fill out prior to entry.

This can be done using a free app from CLEAR (you likely know them from the airport).

For faster entry to the festival, complete your survey ahead of time! 

Otherwise, you can complete the screening survey onsite with the help of one of our team members before showing your ticket to enter.

How to enroll for a free account and get to the music faster

* If you opened a previous account with CLEAR, use your previously set up email and password for a quicker and easier process.

  1. Download the CLEAR App
  2. Click Get Started on the blue Health Pass tile
  3. Select Health Pass and enter code LOSTART
  4. Follow the prompt to enter your email address, ID, selfie and more (images below)
  5. Set your password for future use

How to use the CLEAR app on festival day

  1. Open the app and click on Health Pass.
  2. Review the checklist.
  3. Snap a selfie to confirm your identity.
  4. Complete the brief health survey.
  5. You’re done! Green means proceed. Red means ask for assistance.

It’s a simple and easy process. 

If you have any questions about enrolling, please reach out to clientservices@clearme.com or tap “Get In Touch” in the app for assistance. 

Smartphones show step by step process

We’ll see you there!